Training CMMI V2.0 Upgrade [Course Outline]

CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training

Course description

This one-day course transitions your knowledge from CMMI V1.3 to CMMI V2.0 to build competitive advantage and meet the challenges of the changing global business landscape. CMMI is an integrated set of best practices that enable businesses to improve performance of their key business processes. CMMI also provides guidance for applying this set of best practices in a business or organization, to ensure quality and timely solutions that delight customers and end users.

The course is composed of lectures and class exercises with time allotted for participant questions and discussions. The format of the course requires that students actively participate throughout the duration of the course without missing any class time.

Course objective

This training will guide you through key components of the CMMI V2.0 model structure and key differences between CMMI V1.3 and CMMI V2.0.

Course prerequisites

This course is designed for students who have taken CMMI training for prior versions of the model to upgrade their knowledge to the current CMMI V2.0. By registering for this course you verify that you have completed a licensed offering of the following prerequisite course(s):

    1.  Introduction to CMMI V1.3 (for Development or Services); OR

    2.  Introduction to CMMI V1.2 (for Development or Services) and CMMI V1.3 Upgrade Training; OR
    3.  Introduction to CMMI V1.1, CMMI V1.2 Upgrade Training and CMMI V1.3 Upgrade Training.

Please note that if you complete the CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training course without the prerequisite courses you will NOT be eligible to participate as a CMMI appraisal team member (ATM) for CMMI V2.0 appraisals.

Who should attend

  •   Practitioners who have completed a CMMI V1.3 Building-level course and want to upgrade to CMMI V2.0.
  •   Appraisal Team Members who participated on a CMMI V1.3 appraisal, and who need to fulfill the V2.0 training requirements required for serving on a CMMI V2.0 appraisal.


What do I get from this course?

  •   Certificate of completion
  •   An exam credit to take the CMMI Associate Exam
  •   Completed prerequisite to take the CMMI Associate Exam and become a current Certified CMMI Associate
  •   Completed prerequisite for upgrading to CMMI V2.0 and for serving as a CMMI V2.0 Appraisal Team Member
  •   Completed prerequisite for taking additional CMMI V2.0 training courses and pursuing CMMI V2.0-relevant certification pathways


  •   CMMI V2.0 Product Suite Overview
  •   Model Structure 
  •   Model Content
  •   Model Views and Context Specific Content
  •   Performance and Capability
  •   Maturity and Capability Levels
  •   Appraisal Method Overview

Payment Condition

All fee must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to the start of the class
    -     Transfer payment or Cheque should be made payable to "Global Process Innovations(GPI) Asia, Co.,Ltd."
    -     For the account transfer, deposit the amount to "Global Process Innovations(GPI) Asia,Co.,Ltd.", saving account number: 772-2-21743-2, Kasikorn Bank, Central World Branch ( Please send the pay-in slip to E-mail : )


    1.  Free 1-attempt credit to take the CMMI Certified Associate Online Exam.
If failed, re-attempt exam fee is $250.
*ATM must pass the exam and have CMMI Associate certification.
    2.  Free 30-day access to the CMMI V2.0 online Model Viewer and the ability to download
PDF copy of the CMMI V2.0 Model.
    3.  Free electronic copy to the standard CMMI Institute student slides.


       1.  The cancellation of the attendance shall be made in written form before the class starts. Or a   
charge of 40% of the fee shall be imposed for the notice of the cancellation less than 7 working days before the commencement date.
       2.  GPI Asia reserves the right to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances.


Panee  Aramruthailert (Certified CMMI V2.0 Instructor)
Course fee    
21,500 Baht (Excluded VAT 7%) 
1 day                              
15  February  2022
09:00 - 17:00           
UpVGo meeting room 1-2, 4th floor, 
Luckdee building, MRT Bangson (Exit 4)

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GPI Asia
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CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training