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GPI Asia offers practical solutions to every client’s problems. We have a process library which stocks three basic processes, based on different CMMI® levels that we customize to each client’s needs and constraints.

Our consultants all have extensive experience in conducting both CMMI® mini-appraisals as well as formal appraisals. Mini-appraisals are held for clients who need to appraise their organization’s existing process quality and performance before determining the necessary changes needed for an upgrade before culminating in a formal appraisal.

  • Provide preliminary appraisal of client conditions.
  • Conduct and analyse feedback from relevant client staff.
  • Jointly develop steps to achieve client goals.
  • Keep track of organization every step of the way to achieving goals
  • GPI Consultant always study and research various SPI framework to find the best solution for client.
  • GPI Lead Appraiser will provide certification to organizations that meet all the criteria of internationally accepted CMMI® and SEI standards.
  • Appraisals done singly or together with consulting packages.

The consultant services GPI Asia providing are:

Mini appraisal (SCAMPI B) (3-6 days)

CMMI Lead appraiser and GPI consultant review and analyze the client’s current processes and find gaps to achieve CMMI specific level both for process definition and implementation. Client will get GPI’s CMMI calculator scoresheet, a presentation of findings, strengths and opportunities to improve their process further.

The mini-appraisal can be done for several purposes e.g. at the first stage to see gaps of current practices and CMMI level, after Process definition stage to see gaps of defined processes, before formal appraisal to check readiness and prepare people before going to formal appraisal.

Process consultancy (10-20 days for process definition and 10-20 days for process implementation)

GPI consultant gives suggestions and guides how to adjust or create processes to close gaps based on industrial best practices and client’s current practices, and also how to implement or deploy new processes in the organization effectively.

Formal appraisal (SCAMPI A) (5-15 days)

CMMI Lead appraiser and GPI consultant, together with internal and external Appraisal Team Member, formally review evidences and interview representatives from client’s organization and score each process area in CMMI specific level. The result is the CMMI level the client achieved.

Other than these CMMI-related consultant services, GPI Asia also provides other supplemental services to help clients going forward easier.

Measurement and Analysis service (MA service)

Because measurement is the key to success, GPI Asia has a measurement specialist team who can help clients to implement measurement and analysis effectively in the organization. Clients will get a measurement report monthly and yearly MA Service analyzed by our Statistical analyst and process improvement specialist.


GPI Asia has spcialists in various areas that can help fulfill resource problems of clients.

• Process improvement specialist

• Quality assurance specialist (PPQA)

• Software testers

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