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Reach your success faster and easier with GPI Process-transparent tools.

GPI Asia uses process tools readily available standard platforms.

Our solutions however, are customized by the engineering team to directly address both potential and existing problems encountered by our clients.

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of all the tools in the market.
  • Provide the in-depth tool information, tool comparison: this is to find the best tool which nicely fit with each organization
  • Jointly develop customized tools from existing common platforms available in the market for each client.
  • Eventually develop proprietorial tools through in-house research and development laboratory.
  • Evaluate suitability of each tool vendor against client needs.
  • Provide best offers on each tool.

JEP Tool

The “Just Enough Process” (JEP)

is a web service formulated specifically for software developing companies to optimize their development process operations and has steps that match CMMI certification requirements. As such, the version used by GPI Asia is JEP Version 1.0, which corresponds with CMMI® Level 2, better known as “Project Management Best Practice.” JEP enables clients to create, manage, and monitor projects online from anywhere. JEP promotes communication and cooperation among project stakeholders, embeds workflow and baseline creation, and integrates all modules together, which benefits clients by allowing them to enter information only once and only what’s necessary.

QuickSolution Tool

The “QuickSolution” (QS)

is a tool set based on Microsoft Excel. The QS tool set is a good, quick start for those who are new to CMMI or process improvement. With a small investment, clients can just take QS tool set and install on any PC because QS tool set is based on the already available platform like MS Excel. We recommend the QS tool set for a very small to small organizations (5 – 20 people) to quickly implement the new processes and justify the processes as you move on.

MDB Tool

The “Metrics Database” (MDB)

helps integrating all spread measures collected in various tools or documents e.g. effort in project plan, number of defects in defect tracking tool, number of changes in change management tool, etc. Without MDB, Sponsor, PM, PPQA, Senior Management could be frustrated not knowing how project is going, how good your processes are, how efficient your testers are, etc. MDB is easy to integrate to any templates or tools with small investment. Now MDB is based on MS Excel platform. MDB is going to support MS Access platform as well in the near future.


The “HIKE”

is a tool set based on SOA. HIKE is the integrated process tools, supporting CMMI Level3 process areas e.g. Project Management, Requirement Development and Management, Configuration Management (integrated with Subversion), PPQA, Peer Review, Test Management, Measurement and Analysis (Dashboards for management and staff levels), Integrated Project Management. HIKE also provides other interesting features e.g. Role driven, auto function point calculation, Estimation from Historical data, Metrics calculation embeded, Time record, Bug tracking.